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You've found us! WE proudly and with affection offer the best Birria in all of San Diego.            

Birria is LOVE.

Our mouth-watering birria is a slow-cooked beef stew, flavored with a variety of chiles and spices, but most importantly it is made with passion and love. Bold yet not spicy, served with cilantro, diced onions, radishes and limes as condiments. Our birria is available to order as either tacos with a side of consume (broth) or as an Orden (bowl of soup). We top it all off with a potent house made salsa (hot sauce, red). Enjoy a steaming hot bowl which comes with warm tortillas(6) to make your own tacos or eat as is, ensuring you get broth in every bite. Our love for Birria has also pushed us into creating some unique signature fan favorite tacos, such as: Quesotaco con Nervio, Chupacabras, Quesotaco extremo, Quesotaco no tortilla and many more. So come along and eat the best tacos in the city and see what Ed Fernandez is all about.

We use top grade ingredients to ensure we make you the best birria daily. We sincerely thank you for your patronage.